The following is a compiled summary of Actions Items resulting from the Objectives/Initiatives discussion during the Annual Meeting held on October 17, 2018. The most important issues facing the NYSCPG are:

  • How to help the membership and other fellow PGs and Geologists-in-Training (Intern Geologists) understand the importance of protecting the profession; and
  • How to revitalize the NYSCPG to better serve its constituents and attract new members/sponsors.

To do so, we plan to implement the following:

  • Update our fact sheet and FAQs;
  • Revise/update our by-laws;
  • Prepare regulatory requirements for continuing education / cross communicate with the NYS Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveying community and NYS Education Department Office of the Professions (NYSED);
  • Select a new lobbyist for the 2020 Legislative Session (our current lobbyist plans to retire);
  • Set-up social media accounts (Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter);
  • Solicit more committee members from the membership;
  • Continue to monitor proposed legislation that may impact the profession;
  • Create and fund a paid Administrator/Executive Director position;
  • Offer continuing education courses;
  • Solicit a webmaster;
  • Reach out to College students (via webinars and/or in-person meetings) to educate students on the importance of licensure;
  • Host/participate in more professional seminars (Host for GSA Northeastern Section Meeting (October, 2019, others); and,
  • Establish/maintain a database of New York State-Licensed Intern Geologists and Professional Geologists.

This is an ambitious list of goals/initiatives, but some of these initiatives are already underway or have been completed! However, because all of the NYSCPG Board of Directors (BOD) has full-time jobs, they cannot do this alone. We need your help and we need your input and support. If you have any suggestions, comments, praises, criticisms, questions, or you just want to lend a hand, please contact the 2019 BOD.

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