Our Mission

The New York State Council of Professional Geologists (NYSCPG) is the principal organization of professional geologists responsible for the advancement of the competent and ethical practice of geology in New York State.  NYSCPG’s primary missions, on behalf of its members, are to strengthen and advance the application of geological sciences as a profession by providing leadership, advocacy, and education to promote the protection of public health, safety, and welfare, and the balanced protection of the environment. 

Our Statement of Services

The focus at NYSCPG is fourfold:

  1. Promote the competent practice of professional geology by adhering to sound ethical, scientific, and geologic principles; 
  2. Monitor and offer professional reviews and opinions regarding pending legislation and research New York State and local laws and regulations as they pertain to or may affect the practice of geology in New York State;
  3. Monitor and offer professional reviews and opinions regarding current laws and regulations and pending legislation so that sensible and practical measures are incorporated to protect public health, safety, and welfare and promote the balanced protection of the environment; 
  4. Encourage stewardship for the profession of applied geology.  

What do we do?

  • Strengthen the role and importance of the professional practice of geology in the State of New York;
  • Advocate and promote professional geologists across the many geologically-related sub-disciplines and practice areas;
  • Facilitate continuing education, awareness, and training to our members; and,
  • Provide career development, networking opportunities, and other benefits to professionals and students dedicated to the learning, application, and advancement of geological sciences.

How do we do it?

NYSCPG aims to represent the interests of professional geologists and students over a variety of practice disciplines.  NYSCPG will advance the science of geology, and its related fields, by encouraging education, training, and awareness through meetings, exchange of information, and providing a common voice on behalf its members.  The dues paid by its members allow NYSCPG to advance and promote the profession of geology through building public appreciation for how professional geologists contribute to protection of public health, safety, and welfare, and the balanced protection of the environment.

Who do we serve? 

NYSCPG's leadership team represents not only its members, but also advocates for all NYS-licensed professional geologists and individuals on the path to a NYS professional geologist license.  NYSCPG will fulfill members’ needs with a wide range of useful services (e.g. career development, education, networking opportunities) enabling them to be more effective in their career through advocacy, continuing education, training, and outreach.

Last Updated: November 2019

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