Promoting the Profession of Geology in New York State

What do professional geologists do?

Geologists do much more than study rocks. A geologist gathers and interprets data about the Earth and uses that knowledge to  improve the quality of human life. They help find and develop our natural resources such as drinking water, minerals, and oil  and gas in ways that safeguard the environment. Geologists provide critical information to protect us from natural and man-made hazards including earthquakes, landslides, flooding, and  chemical spills –
all of which have dominated the recent headlines in New York State.

Professional Licensing of Geologists in New York State

Last year New York State became the 32nd state to require that professional geologists be licensed. Licensure assures the public that decisions regarding geologic issues in New York State will be made by qualified professionals. New York State agencies recognize the need to protect the public and ensure competency by requiring that certain activities be performed by licensed professionals, including referencing geologists. Given the geologic issues in New York, there has never been a better time or stronger need to mandate the professional licensure of geologists to help protect New York State’s citizens, natural resources, and the environment.

  • What does licensure mean for the general public?
  • What does licensure mean for professionals practicing geology in New York?
  • What is the timeline for professional licensing?

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